About Us

Yogesh Sarkar had dreamed of creating a place where meaningful discussions, friendly advice and on road experiences related to travel and photography would be shared and enjoyed as much as getting info about the places to travel.

And that dream took shape in 2006 in the form of BCMT. A close knit travel community, bound by sheer love for travel and photography.

Sadly, Yogesh Sarkar left for his heavenly abode in September 2019 and now the website and forum is being run by his sister Anupama Sarkar. He may not be with us in his physical form, but the platform he created and the community he built lives on.

Established in May 2006, BCMTouring is an online travel community and forum for the travel and road trip enthusiasts and is run by passionate and knowledgeable travelers with several years of travel, photography, social media and management experience.

With over 40,000 registered members, BCMTouring today is one of the largest travel communities in India and aims to provide travelers accurate and personalized information to make their travel in India and abroad a pleasant experience.

BCMTouring also regularly holds offline meets and events, details of which can be found on our events page.

BCMTians at Jalori Pass, during BCMTouring’s North India Meet.

BCMTians at Jalori Pass, during BCMTouring’s North India Meet.

BCMTouring’s Ladakh 2007 Group Ride was featured on the front page of Nav Bharat Times and BCMTouring has also been featured multiple times in Nav Bharat Times (1, 2), Bike and Car India, PC World India, The Economist and DNA, Mumbai.

BCMTouring is also mentioned as a reliable source of information in the Lonely Planet India (Travel Guide).

All this and more has been made possible thanks to the love and support of BCMTians, and tireless work by the members of the moderation team (Amit Tyagi, Anup Mathur, Salil U. and Shamik Banerjee) and BCMTouring’s founder, Yogesh Sarkar.

If you are a member of the media and would like to know more about BCMTouring, then you can get in touch with the administrator at [email protected].

If you are a travel and photography enthusiast, then make sure to register on BCMTouring India Travel Forum and become a part of 40,000 strong community of die-hard travelers, who love to explore even the remotest regions.